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  Warm ups:With such little time available to train youth soccer players, EVERY minute of your practice should involve some form of SOCCER training. Being prepared really helps with proper warm ups. The warm up section of your practice should include not only ball touches, but player movement as well. Have a series of drill stations set up that keep all players moving and not waiting in line. Focus on dribbling, moves and passing. Instead of your players standing in a circle passing the ball, make them move.  Have them touch the ball to the middle of the circle, pass and replace the player they just passed to. Then instead of just one ball, add two or three balls so that it becomes andldquo;mayhemandrdquo; in the circle. Eyes will be watching every direction and players canandrsquo;t stand still for more than 5 seconds. After 5 andndash; 10 minutes all will be breathing hard and be tired. Now is the time for a good stretch. Punitive exercise:Youth player   At the same time it won t be susceptible to rain. This coupled with the permanent nature of the advertisement means that the team can expect to get a far better deal from their sponsors which could be very beneficial for the team. In the future this technique might also be used to increase the amount of light reflected off of the turf which would again result in fewer injuries and also less energy needed to improve visibility for the audience and television crews. The durable nature of this artificial grass also has other uses meaning that it can be used for more purposes. For example the pitch can then be loaned out for concerts or for local teams to practice and experience. This not only opens a club up to the community more (thereby winning them more followers) but is also potentially another source of much needed revenue. This is the kind of managerial decision that can make or break a sports team demonstrating why it s so important for sports clu