Each year, many Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Some of the most common goals set include getting out of debt and losing weight, but you may want to take a different approach. Would you like your New Year’s resolution to focus on driving? If so, here are a few goals you can set for yourself:

To drive less. Towards the close of 2008, gas prices started to decline. For most Americans, there is no more having to worry about $4 gas. The decrease in gas prices is causing many to return to their cars and their previous driving habits, but continued low gas prices aren’t guaranteed. The best way to ensure you save money on gasoline is to drive less and make it a habit. In addition to less money spent on gasoline, driving less also reduces vehicle wear and tear.

When it comes to driving less, many Americans automatically think it isn’t possible. In most cases, it is. If you are unable to carpool or take public transportation to and from work, examine your other activities. Do you make a special trip each week to get groceries? If so, just stop and shop on your way home from work. By tracking your driving habits for one or two weeks, you may be surprised how many ways you can reduce the miles driven.


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