If you can understand why running laps in youth soccer is huge waste of time you will not only be a better coach, but a better all around youth soccer trainer.andnbsp; Last year I watched a youth soccer practice and by the time I got home I was still in shock.

 Most of my thoughts were simply of renaming the coach to andldquo;old schoolandrdquo; and I was also a bit angry. I wasnandrsquo;t angry at the coach. He was doing what he thought was right and what had been taught to him.

 I was angry at the director of coaching for this soccer club for not watching his coaches, correcting them and bringing them up to speed on the best practices / methods for youth soccer player development.

Running andldquo;lapsandrdquo; in youth soccer is common and done for many reasons. Some coaches use laps thinking it will condition their players. Others use laps for warm ups, while others often use them as punitive exercises for players that are misbehaving. Unfortunately all of these reasons are wrong and slightly misguided.

First look at conditioning.


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